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Fence installation can be helpful to properties of all kinds. A fence can keep your property safe and secure from trespassers and assorted dangers. For this reason commercial fences are often seen protecting educational institutions, apartment complexes, retail stores, eateries, fitness centers, laundromats, storage units, car delearships and the whole nine yards. If you're looking to install a chain link security fence, a commercial metal fence, a no-climb fence or anything else in Arkansas, then it's up to you to reach out to the Elite Fence & Iron team. Our company is big enough to handle all your fencing needs and small enough to care about your 100% satisfaction.


We're not just a commercial and industrial fencing company. That's because we devote a lot of thought to automatic security gates. Our commercial gate and fence installers are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and diligent professionals you will find. They know all of the safest and most modern security gate installation methods out there. 


Why is it a great idea to consider getting an automatic security gate for your commercial property? Automatic security gates for driveways are gaining a lot of traction in the business realm. They can give businesses significant privacy upgrades, and they can make businesses a lot safer for everyone. If you want to stop suspicious individuals from being able to get inside your place of work, then the installation of a resilient and reliable gate can be priceless. 

Elite Fence & Iron can design and fabricate handrails for your business or commercial property.  Safety is the major consideration on every job. Design  and esthetics are considered to enhance your property and provide the highest level of safety. Call us to discuss your handrail needs. We will be happy to help you with the design all the way through fabrication and installation.

Elite Fence & Iron provides a wide array of custom fabrication services including custom entry gates, high security gates, commercial stairs and platforms,  handrails, furniture, security doors and more.  Call us for a free quotation today.